04 October 2021

Shane Hennessy's October newsletter

Sound check in Carlow (photo: Rachel Doyle)

Shane Hennessy, the outstanding Carlow guitarist, sends his Oct. 2021 e-newsletter, reporting successful performances in the George Bernard Shaw Theatre at Carlow on 12 September, at the Warsaw Fingerstyle Festival in Poland, and showcasing at IBMA's World Of Bluegrass (where he played 'probably the best guitar I've ever owned', a D-model from Ciaran McNally of Armagh). He will be instructing at the Guitar Workshop Week in Altea, Spain, in Feb. 2022.

Shane is also available for playing at wedding services and receptions, and his Fretboard Atlas guitar instruction channel now has over 500 videos. Much more information is on the e-newsletter.

© Richard Hawkins

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