12 October 2021

Respected tour agency back in operation

Thanks for this news from Loudon Temple, who has often appeared on the BIB in the past as head of the UK's Brookfield Knights agency and its companion promotional organisation, Bloodygreatpr. When lockdowns began, he was obliged to suspend these operations and turn to travel writing (see the BIB for 8 June and 20 July 2020). He is now preparing to resume organising tours for late 2022 and all of 2023, and writes:

We are determined to rebuild what was lost, and reestablish the good reputation Brookfield Knights had gained, mostly, thanks to the calibre of artists we were working with. [...] We continue to represent artists we admire greatly, who have benefited from well coordinated publicity campaigns aimed at developing and enhancing their profiles. Back in the game and doing it right to make sure everyone involved feels it was worth the effort.

The bands he has in view for tours between late August and early November next year are Cua and Stereo Naked, neither of whom come within the bluegrass field. Loudon will nonetheless be glad to hear from promoters who are interested, and he can be contacted here.

© Richard Hawkins

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