15 September 2021

'Lady of Spain' X 2 - and another Hispanic lady

The BIB editor writes:

Today (15 Sept.) is the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the USA. To mark the occasion, here are two arrangements of 'Lady of Spain', each by a banjo-player who worked with Jim & Jesse McReynolds: North Carolina's Allen Shelton (who we believe recorded it first with Jim Eanes), and Carl Jackson from Mississippi, now one of the leading bluegrass songwriters, and featured in the May 2021 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited. Allen Shelton's Rounder recording of it can be heard here and Carl Jackson's TV performance here.

Update 16 Sept.: It may be objected that 'Lady of Spain' (by a British composer) does not represent Hispanic heritage. Here instead is 'Maria', a good deal closer to Latin-American traditions.

© Richard Hawkins



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