20 August 2021

Kathy Kallick interview, part 2

The BIB editor writes:

The second instalment of Dave Berry's major interview of Kathy Kallick, focusing on her experiences of songwriting, bandleading, and collaborating with other artists, can be read now on Bluegrass Today. Just like the first instalment a month ago, it's illuminating, stimulating, and well worth reading.

Three videos are included to illustrate some of Kallick's music, made with her own band, with Laurie Lewis, and with other notable bluegrass women. All are very satisfying to see and hear; I specially recommend one from a live show by the Kathy Kallick Band in January 2017, playing 'I'm not your honey baby now'. This is exactly what I most enjoy hearing from a band: passion, energy, and excitement, all in perfect coordination. Watch it on Bluegrass Today or on YouTube.

PS: Incidentally (if that's the right word), the mandolinist in the KKB is Tom Bekeny, who played at the very first Athy bluegrass festival as a member of High Country, and at later Athy events with the same band.

© Richard Hawkins

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