17 August 2021

Contestants, not rivals

L-r: Gena Britt, Kristin Scott Benson, Gina Furtado

Anyone who enjoyed the banjo playing of Gena Britt, who toured Ireland in Alecia Nugent's band two years ago, or of Gina Furtado (over here later the same year, with Chris Jones & the Night Drivers), not to mention Kristin Scott Benson (who regrettably has not played at a festival in Ireland yet) should enjoy the article 'As banjo players and friends, these women set the tone in bluegrass', contributed to the Bluegrass Situation (BGS) by its staff members a week ago.

All three are nominated for the Banjo Player of the Year award at the 2021 IBMA World Of Bluegrass, starting in six weeks' time. The article includes three videos, showing recent playing by each of them: the Earl Scruggs classic 'Ground speed' played by Benson, 'Made up my mind' by Furtado, and Britt playing banjo with Sister Sadie on the Opry stage in 'Since I laid my burden down'.

© Richard Hawkins

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