28 July 2021

We Banjo 3 on tour in USA, late 2021-early 2022

Galway's We Banjo 3 announce:

Tour, tour, tour!!

Wow, we are finally ready to announce some tour dates. It's been a really long haul to get here and there are still some hurdles to cross but we are so excited to get back on the road and meet you all in person again. We're nervous and trepidatious for sure as it's been so long and so much has changed, but it will be amazing to finally do what we love so much, for all of you we love so much!

Tickets for any of the thirty-one dates shown on the band's website schedule can be bought here. All are in the USA, between 1 Sept. 2021 and 19 Mar. 2022. More bookings are to be announced soon.

© Richard Hawkins

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