10 June 2021

Greg Cahill on Deering Live TONIGHT - 11.00 p.m. Thurs. 10 June

The BIB editor writes:

The Deering Banjo Company announce that the featured artist interviewed on Deering Live tonight (Thurs. 10 June) will be Greg Cahill, founder and leader of the Special Consensus for over forty-five years. I've given prominence to the image above because of the unique relationship with Ireland that Greg and the band have established from their first visit in 1995, through the many tours they have since made (thanks to Nigel Martyn of Belfast). In addition, it's a good photo of Greg! (Note, by the way, the tuner clipped to the strap. Yes, it works.)

The interview will be shown on Deering Live and on YouTube from 11.00 p.m. (Irish time). A basic (but necessarily extensive) list of Greg's achievements is in the bio section of the Special C. website. He was interviewed by Scott Anderson for Banjo News Letter in 2009 and by Richard Thompson for Bluegrass Today in 2018. Deering say of tonight's interview: 'This will be a fun one!'

© Richard Hawkins

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