28 June 2021

Calling 'The Counsellor'

The BIB editor writes:

Rhiannon Giddens was interviewed on Deering Live five months ago. I missed seeing the live stream, but can recommend watching the whole hour on YouTube. Giddens was speaking from Ireland, which brought favourable comments from contributors to the live chatroom. One contributor, based in Ireland and identified only as 'The Counsellor', wrote in:

ask her is there a bluegrass community in Ireland I can't find them anywhere I need to find my tribe

Rhiannon Giddens had no opportunity to answer this question; and it seems unlikely that any BIB reader will know who The Counsellor may be. We can only regret that he or she has lost out on the last thirty years, for most of which there have been at least three annual bluegrass festivals in this island, and innumerable smaller events, tours, concerts, and gigs. The good news for The Counsellor is that the tribe is here!

© Richard Hawkins


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