18 May 2021

Jim Peva (update)

The BIB learns with regret of the death two weeks ago of James Richard 'Jim' Peva of Indiana, two days short of his 93rd birthday. His place in bluegrass music history, especially his thirty-five-year friendship with Bill Monroe, is shown in Richard Thompson's feature on Bluegrass Today, which includes a seven-minute video Mr Peva recorded ten years ago for the Journey Indiana channel. In the video, he talks about how Monroe came to be practically part of his family, and gives a brief tour of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Hall of Fame at Bean Blossom, Indiana - where visitors from Japan outnumber those from any other country outside the USA. His passing will be deeply felt by those members of the Irish bluegrass community who have visited Bean Blossom festivals.

Update 14 June: A special camping-out weekend to commemorate Jim Peva will be held on 18-20 June at the Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground, Morgantown, Indiana. Camp sites should be booked.

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