15 April 2021

Ned Luberecki on Deering Live

At the time of writing this post, Ned Luberecki is being interviewed on YouTube in the Deering Live series. Deering's blurb describes him (with complete accuracy) as 'an award-winning banjo player, Sirius XM radio host on 'The Bluegrass Junction', and a highly respected banjo teacher'. He is also, among other things, an in-demand session player, author of the three-part Complete banjo method, formerly banjo player for Chris Jones & the Night Drivers and currently banjo player for the Becky Buller Band.

In the image below, he is shown playing a Deering John Hartford banjo, which on the Deering website is demonstrated by Jens Kruger. On the interview, he also brings out his Deering Crossfire electric banjo (Crossfires are no longer made).
© Richard Hawkins

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