21 April 2021

A new voice for bluegrass in Brazil

The BIB editor writes:

On 6 April we reported that César Benzoni (based at present in Galway city) was preparing to relaunch the São Paulo Bluegrass Music Association (SPBMA), in his native Brazil, as the Brazilian Bluegrass Music Association, serving the whole of that vast country, with today (21 Apr.) as the target date in memory of the SPBMA's original founder, Erio Meili (see the BIB for 25 Apr. 2011). Thanks to César for today's news:

I'm writing you to tell you that the website is now online! I put a lot of work and passion into it, and I believe it will help a lot of people in Brazil that want to get into bluegrass.

The work and the passion are both evident; it's a handsome, well organised website, packed with content, and with links to the Association's Facebook, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Spotify. César adds:

Interesting fact. I decided to launch the website on the 21st of April 'cause it was the day that Erio passed, also it would give me a good amount of time to work on it and a special date to celebrate Erio's life. But reading some old posts on the files that I have here from Erio's old website, I found out that he launched São Paulo Bluegrass Music Association on the 21st of April, 1996! So we're also celebrating 25 years. Nuts, isn't it?!

Congratulations to César (below left) for this commemoration of his predecessor, friend, and mentor, Erio (below right).

© Richard Hawkins

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