01 April 2021

$20 for a chance to win a $5,000 mandolin+HSC

Thanks to Lotos Nile Media and Nancy Cardwell of the IBMA Foundation for the news that for six weeks starting today (1 April) the Foundation will be raffling a carbon-fibre Z Mandolin - and not just any Z mandolin, but the last of a limited edition of twenty-five, and the last Z Mandolin available. All others have sold out.

Nancy Cardwell contributed a major article on Z Mandolins to the August 2020 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited (see the BIB for 6 Aug. 2020). This instrument, with an updated F-style body, comes with a Calton case for a combined value of $5,000. Raffle tickets ($20 each or six for $100) can be bought here. All proceeds will benefit the IBMA Foundation's scholarship endowment fund. More details and photos are on the Foundation website and the Lotos Nile newsletter.

PS: See also John Lawless's piece on Bluegrass Today, with a brief but telling expository video.

© Richard Hawkins

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