02 March 2021

Tributes to Mel

The BIB editor writes:

Thanks again to Frank Galligan for a reminder of another great loss suffered by the scene here, with the death of Mel Corry (right) in January. Frank sends this link to Micheal McKenna's article 'Shock and sadness at passing of tireless trade unionist and talented musician Mel Corry', which was published in the Armagh I on 14 January. The article draws largely on tributes by Mel's colleagues in Trademark and other campaigning bodies, by Tony and Clem O'Brien, and by Rick Faris.

One quoted sentence, however, which the article attributes to the German website Uncut Grass, was in fact written by me and first published on the BIB. Uncut Grass is in the habit of reprinting anything that appears on the BIB, without acknowledgment. I have asked them to extend to the BIB the same courtesy that Bluegrass Today receives.

© Richard Hawkins

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