09 March 2021

The new BU

The March 2021 print issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine is centered on Tony Rice: a memoir by his brothers, a 1985 interview by Pete Wernick, accounts of important periods of his career and of the development of the Tony Rice model guitar by the Santa Cruz company, a Rebel Records ad on two of his main albums, and more.

Among the features in the rest of the issue, editor Dan Miller contributes a four-page article on Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, fiddler for Boston's Mile Twelve, in which it emerges that she began learning Irish fiddling at the age of 10 and discovered bluegrass six years later. The review section includes David McCarty's review of Andy Novara's Bill Monroe: solo transcriptions 1936-1996, clearly a must for all dedicated mandolinists.

Anyone who feared that BU might lose something in its transition to the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum last November should set their mind at rest; the new BU really looks, feels, and reads very well, and the additional facilities on the website are very welcome. The BIB referred to the change as 'Mother going to the Care Home'; but the Care Home has turned out to be a spa.

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