12 March 2021

Kody Norris Show to release All suited up on 23 Apr. 2021

Rebel Records announce that the Kody Norris Show (who would have headlined the bluegrass section of the Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival last year, but for the pandemic) will release their debut Rebel album All suited up on 23 Apr. 2021. The twelve-track album can be pre-ordered here; three of the twelve can be heard on the band's website.

More details, including a full track listing, are on the Rebel press release, which states: 'The Kody Norris Show inhabits traditional bluegrass and confidently carries it forward.' Or, as our friend Greg Cahill of the Special Consensus writes in the album notes:

The element that distinguished the music of the first-generation bluegrass bands from each other was that each created their own sound. This recording clearly establishes that Kody has accomplished this – he has created his own sound that is deeply steeped in tradition but has his own stamp on the performance, the arrangements, and the repertoire in general.

© Richard Hawkins

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