03 March 2021

Fiddle tune favourites - books from Tristan Scroggins

As John Lawless remarks on Bluegrass Today, mandolin wizard Tristan Scroggins (right) has been making good use of lockdown time by giving online instruction and publishing tune books. The latest of these is Bluegrass jam standard fiddle tune favorites, a 51-page book presenting ten tunes, each in three increasingly complex versions, written both in tablature and in standard notation.

John Lawless's feature lists the tune titles; all of them are old-time tunes favoured by bluegrass players. This fits in nicely with Tristan's previous publication, Old time fiddle tune favorites, comprising fifteen tunes. Hard-copy editions of both books are posted only within the US, but digital versions are available at $25 for the 'bluegrass' book and $15 for the 'old-time'.

Tristan has many admirers in Ireland already from his performances as a member of his father's band, Jeff Scroggins & Colorado, and filling in with Chris Jones & the Night Drivers.

© Richard Hawkins

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