10 March 2021

Fast Track: new single, 'Tennessee rain'

Fast Track: rear, Duane Sparks, Steve Day, Ron Spears; front, Jesse Brock, Dale Perry

The Engelhardt Music Group announce that today (10 Mar.) 'Tennessee rain', a new single by Fast Track (USA), is being released. A song of flight, danger, and despair, it can be heard from a player on the band's website and in a video on their Facebook.

Fast Track is the 'new' band of seasoned bluegrass campaigners which caused general excitement and interest on the US scene when it formed. The band consists of Dale Perry (banjo, bass vocals), Steve Day (fiddle, vocals), Ron Spears (bass, vocals), Jesse Brock (mandolin, vocals), and Duane Sparks (guitar, vocals). Ron and Jesse have both toured in Ireland in the past.

© Richard Hawkins

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