14 February 2021

'Thistle and thorn in harmony' from Australia

Thanks once again to the McKernan family in New South Wales, Australia, whose 'browngrass' music has featured several times on the BIB in the past. In this instance, thanks particularly to Joe McKernan (right), who sends this link to his article 'Thistle and thorn in harmony', published last Tuesday (9 Feb.) on the blog of the Bruderhof religious community.

Joe wrote it after a family outing on which his son Donal and Donal's wife Cordelia brought out their new original song in traditional style, 'Thistle and thorn', and sang it in harmony. The song's complete text is given, together with a video which can also be seen on YouTube - their debut performance on the Bruderhof YouTube channel. The article is a timely reflection on the (literally) vital importance, during the isolations imposed by a world pandemic, of continuing to sing and make music, instead of being a passive audience. Warmly recommended.

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