15 February 2021

Thile, Eldridge, Tuttle, and Sutton on what Tony Rice meant to them

The latest Weekly Dispatch from the Bluegrass Situation online magazine includes links to:
  • The third and final episode of 'Toy heart', a podcast series hosted by Tom Power in which musicians who have known or been influenced by Tony Rice talk about him and his impact on their lives and music. In this episode, nearly two hours long, the speakers are Chris Thile, Chris Eldridge, Molly Tuttle, and Bryan Sutton.
  • The latest in Neil Rosenberg's series of 'Bluegrass memoirs', in which the premier bluegrass historian recalls the Earl Scruggs Celebration of 1987. This is the first of two instalments about this event. and includes a good deal about Charlie Poole.

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