04 February 2021

Not forgetting guitarists

Many people nowadays are unaware of any outstanding bluegrass guitar player earlier than the late Tony Rice; so it's good news that Chris Henry and David McLaughlin are presenting a Traditional bluegrass guitar improvising course, extending over twelve weeks and comprising over a hundred videos, for a special introductory price of $250 ($299 after 1 March).

Click on the image (right) to see the list of great players from the past whose styles will be examined in the course; full details are given here, with a three-and-a-half-minute introductory video which is also on John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today.
Steve Kaufman has been teaching flatpicking bluegrass guitar for nearly forty-five years and is beginning his sixth year of conducting live online interactive weekly group lessons. Full details of Steve's instructional programmes and materials (including five new videos, free downloads and tips, and other features) are given on his website.

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