04 February 2021

'More light!' (Goethe)

The BIB editor writes:

Thanks to the European Bluegrass Music Association Facebook for drawing attention to Light Up Your Banjo, a Dutch company that designs and builds lighting systems to fit inside or around a banjo pot. A player can control the display during performance, using a switch attached to the banjo sling.

The system was demonstrated in 2012 at the Banjo Camp Munich (see this YouTube demo). The website shows fifteen other videos of different light patterns that can be chosen to fit particular songs.

Before plastic banjo heads were invented, some players would instal an electric bulb inside the pot to warm and tighten the skin head before a performance, but Light Up Your Banjo have raised this utilitarian concept into an art form. I once contemplated putting a flash unit inside my banjo, to mark the end of a set, but never thought out a reloading system. No doubt Light Up Your Banjo could do this, if they haven't already.

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