03 February 2021

... and something for fiddlers

Dave Berry, California correspondent for Bluegrass Today, draws attention to a new series of online workshops for fiddle players, offered by The Fiddle Mercantile, the hub for all things fiddle in San Francisco, CA. The series, entitled 'The Fiddler in Question', features seven highly regarded fiddlers from across North America, each giving a ninety-minute session dedicated to the genre for which they are individually known. 

The first, Deanie Richardson on bluegrass fiddling, has already been given; those to come, at fortnightly intervals, are Tatiana Hargreaves (old-time and early bluegrass fiddle); Jason Anick (jazz violin); Calvin Vollrath (Canadian fiddling); Liz Carroll (Irish fiddling); Jake Blount (black and indigenous mountain music); and Megan Lynch Chowning (Texas style). Each workshop costs $25.00. More details are on Bluegrass Today.

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