14 February 2021

A Co. Armagh contributor on Bluegrass Today

Tabitha (Agnew) Benedict of Co. Armagh has for years been well known on the bluegrass scene here as banjo player, guitarist, and singer of Cup O' Joe, Midnight Skyracer, and (most recently) the Foreign Landers. She is now in addition an accredited contributor to Bluegrass Today, with the appearance on Thursday (11 Feb.) of her review of the album Trad (right) by the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer Magnus Wijk.

The full review, together with a player giving samples of the nine tracks of the album (the last of which is the Irish Gaelic lullaby 'Dun Do Shuil'), can be seen on Bluegrass Today. As a member of the scene here, contributing to a leading US bluegrass website, Tabitha Benedict follows in the footsteps of the patriarchal Niall Toner, who reviewed for the Bluegrass Prescription Blog some years back.

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