28 January 2021

Remembering Tony Rice and 'O brother' on the BGS

The latest Weekly Dispatch issued by the Bluegrass Situation (BGS) online magazine continues its celebration of twenty years since the US release of 'O brother where art thou?' in December 2000, with Stephen Deusner's article '"O brother where art thou?" created an instant audience for old-time music'.

The BGS is also running a special tribute series of podcasts under the title 'Toy heart: remembering Tony Rice'. In the first of the series, the host Tom Power speaks with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and David Grisman about their old friend and bandmate. This episode, over ninety minutes long, can be heard here. In a comment on this page, singer, songwriter, and banjo-player Pam Gadd writes: 'this interview is absolutely the most candid, interesting, informative and longed-for understanding of who Tony Rice was.'

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