08 January 2021

News of recent visitors

L-r: James Field, Terry Wittenberg, Wally Hughes,
Lisa Kay Howard-Hughes, Joe Hannabach

It's becoming harder all the time to speak of our past US visitors as 'recent', but news of them from the States is always welcome. Level Best (above) from the Virginia/ Maryland region around DC, who were touring here fifteen months ago, have brought out 'Just when I needed you most', the first single from their second album, Happy together. A 55-second clip from it can be heard on Bluegrass Today, where John Lawless gives more details of the song, the band, and the recording.

Sideline, who toured Ireland in July 2019, have also brought out a new single, with an acoustic-country feel instead of their regular hard-driving North Carolina sound. The song, 'Just a guy in a bar', released on the Mountain Home Music label, can be heard in full as an audio track on Bluegrass Today, and a 47-second video 'sneak peek' can be seen on YouTube. More details are on the Mountain Home press release.

Fans of Sideline should note that the band will give a live-stream concert tomorrow (Sat. 9 Jan.) at 7.00 p.m. EST, on their Facebook page. It will be shown free of charge; donations can be made by PayPal and other channels.

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