15 December 2020

The Special C. - looking forward to 2021

If the good old days of 'normal circumstances' were still here, we would by now be looking forward to the next visit by the Special Consensus - and we are, of course; it's just that we can't count on it being early in the new year. The band's schedule shows Greg, Dan, and Rick booked for Bluegrass Camp Germany in mid May, but - at present - nowhere else outside North America during 2021.

While we're waiting, Bill Conger has contributed a major feature to Bluegrass Today, 'Graduating from the school of Special Consensus', with distinguished alumni giving their memories of the band. Greg Cahill explains why 2020 should have been a very special year for the Special C., with everyone who has been a member since 1975 still around for the proposed 45th anniversary reunion. The '45th + 1 Anniversary/Reunion' concert is now scheduled for 9 October 2021 at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. The photo below shows the Special C. lineup we have not yet seen in Ireland, with Nate Burie on mandolin.

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