23 December 2020

Tabitha Agnew Benedict - and Eli Gilbert's '12 Days of Licksmas'

Eli Gilbert from Maine, whose banjo, hands, and T-shirt are seen above, gives banjo instruction on line, and over the last four years has put literally dozens of videos of tunes and lessons on his YouTube channel. (One of the tunes is entitled 'Knotty Pine', in case anyone is reading this up in Omagh.) Tablatures and other help are available for those who support Eli on Patreon; and he also runs a vlog on steel guitar playing.

A year ago he decided to put a series of videos online under the title '12 Days of Licksmas', and this year he began a second series on 14 Dec., expanding the concept to showcase the work of 'young, extremely talented, award-winning banjo players'. The BIB is gratified to see that the list includes Co. Armagh's Tabitha Agnew Benedict, who is featured on day 2 of the Gilbert series and is following the same pattern on her own YouTube channel. More information, together with one of Tabitha's videos, is on Bluegrass Today, where John Lawless writes:

Attention banjo players and students! If you haven’t already discovered Eli Gilbert’s 12 Days of Licksmas videos, see that you do so post haste.

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