09 December 2020

Sore Fingers Advent Calendar going strong

Thanks to the EBMA Facebook for making us aware that the Sore Fingers Summer Schools (Europe's premier bluegrass and old-time music instruction institution, from which many pickers from Ireland have benefited) have presented since the first of this month the Sore Fingers Advent Calendar. On every day, a new video is contributed by musicians who have taught at Sore Fingers Week, presented with comments by co-chief organiser John Wirtz.

As might be expected, the guests include musicians who will be easily recognised in Ireland - not just by people who have gone to Sore Fingers, but by all of us who have seen them in performances here. The list so far includes Greg Cahill of the Special Consensus, Erynn Marshall & Carl Jones, Joe Newberry, and Chris Coole. All videos can also be seen on John Wirtz's YouTube channel.

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