18 December 2020

Oldtime Central: review of 2020, plans for 2021, and Holiday Fundraiser

The editors of Oldtime Central (OTC) send their latest e-newsletter with an overview of what OTC accomplished during the pandemic:
  • 42 original articles, pre-recorded interviews, and lessons
  • 2 successful weekend-long festivals
  • 3 public concerts by some of our favorite musicians
  • 7 live zoom interviews with musicians during the pandemic
Their plans for 2021 include:
  • Expanding our editorial team to ensure that we can publish quality articles and videos about topics that the community cares about once a week, starting in January
  • Producing the 2021 festival guide, and including festivals happening virtually to help you plan your festival season
  • Hosting at least three weekend-long online Gatherings, with in-person events starting in 2022
  • Using our platform to schedule and host more concerts, smaller workshops, and live interviews
  • 'Producing more useful lesson videos, including more teachers and smaller series for beginners
The editors also ask for the help of old-time music enthusiasts:

An anonymous donor has pledged $5000 for a dollar-for-dollar donation-matching campaign until the end of the year, which means we have 13 days before it's over! We'd love to make the most of this opportunity, and this money could go a long way towards helping to support our work. Would you consider giving to Oldtime Central and helping us give back to the Oldtime community?

You can donate to Oldtime Central here.

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