10 December 2020

New look and new issue for the Old Time Herald

Good news - after a period of quiescence the Old Time Herald (OTH), queen among old-time music magazines, has refurbished its website, and the first issue of a new volume was published in October 2020 (see cover image, right).

The contents include four main articles, among which are the late Mac Benford's assessment of the Highwoods Stringband and its place in old-time music history (warmly recommended), and Ted Olson's highly critical review of Ken Burns's TV series on the history of country music, with a playlist of recorded country music from the period 1921-6. There are also fourteen reviews of CDs and books, and reviews in the OTH are traditionally of a very high standard. Subscription options are:

Print + online subscription
4 print issues + full website access ($26)
8 print issues + full website access ($46)

Online-only subscription
4 online-only issues + full website access ($15)
8 online-only issues + full website access ($25)

At present there is no indication on the website of different postal rates for US and non-US subscribers.

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