23 December 2020

Finding 'the old place'

Thanks to Dale Farmer, head of the organising team of The mountain minor, the film drama centred on old-time music, for his Christmas blog. It's well worth reading, especially for those who share Dale's hankering for the roads leading back to 'the old place', wherever that may be.

The BIB can't quite agree with Dale, who feels that he's become 'a bit of a Scrooge' at this time of year, and 'that us Christmas Scrooges have something in common; we’re the ones that painfully live in the past'. As a corrective, listen to Bill Monroe's recording of his composition 'Old Ebenezer Scrooge' (which obviously portrays Scrooge's reborn frame of mind on Christmas day).

Dale includes a video clip from the film (also on YouTube) of Dan Gellert playing 'Shakin' down the acorns'. And there's a long list, with many links to web sources, of media that during 2020 featured The mountain minor or its participating artists. Finally, Dale invites all to join the Mountain Minor discussion group on Facebook - and, of course, to buy the DVD and soundtrack album.

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