20 November 2020

Support each other, support bluegrass!

The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) announces the 'Play a Part' concert series, presented by its Leadership Bluegrass alumni committee. The shows will take place on the first three Tuesdays in December, and as can be seen from the poster image on the right, there are names on each lineup that are well known to audiences in Ireland - none more so than the Special Consensus, who have played here more than any other US band. On the same bill is a less familiar name, but the Foreign Landers (photo below) are the duo of David Benedict (Mile Twelve) and Tabitha Agnew Benedict (Cup O' Joe). All three concerts will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube; details will follow soon.

The 'Play a Part' concert series is part of the IBMA's annual end-of-year fundraising campaign. Full details of the ways in which one can support bluegrass through donations and other actions (including a Martin guitar auction), and how the IBMA deploys its resources, are given on the latest IBMA e-newsletter.

Update 23 Nov.: Please note that at present the IBMA can only accept online donations from US banks.

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