27 November 2020

Kristy Cox (AUS) nominated for three Golden Guitar awards

Mountain Fever Records (USA) announce that 'Aussie bluegrass queen' Kristy Cox (right) has received three nominations for the 2021 Golden Guitar Awards - for her personally as Female Artist of the Year, for her album No headlights as Traditional Album of the Year, and for the track on the album featuring her with Tommy Emmanuel for Bluegrass Recording of the Year. The awards are usually made at the annual Tamworth Festival, which will not be possible in 2021 because of the pandemic, so the ceremony will take place online on 23 Jan. 2021.

Kristy and her band toured in Ireland in May 2019 and were scheduled to be back again this year as part of a European tour, both tours being organised by the mygrassisblue.com team in Co. Wicklow, but the latter tour of course has had to be postponed. Further details are in the Mountain Fever press release.

Update 28 Nov.: Still more detail can be found in John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today.

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