23 November 2020

Ain't nothin' but a thing from the Grits & Gravy Stringband

The BIB mentioned as early as 23 January this year that the Grits & Gravy Stringband were releasing a new album, Ain't nothin' but a thing, and the official release date was 18 March, so it's high time that we gave more details. Everything you need to know is on their Bandcamp page, including the fact that the cover art (right) is by Colin Derham of I Draw Slow.

The fifteen tracks avoid warhorses and chestnuts - 'Shady Grove', for instance, is a non-modal version, and 'Sweet Nell' is a fine recent composition by Jim Mullany and Rob Pine. Warmly recommended. Grits & Gravy consist of Ian Knepper and Caolán Keogh (twin fiddles), Ben Keogh (banjo), Camilla Monroe (guitar), and Síona Knepper (double bass).

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