10 October 2020

News from Gold Tone

The Gold Tone Music Group announce that this month's giveaway is a GT-500 Banjitar - what used to be called a banjo-guitar, and what the Deering company now call a '6-string banjo'. At least one 5-string banjo player has already painlessly 'converted' an instrument of this type into a real 6-string banjo, simply by putting a banjo 5th string in the 6th-string position, with a railroad spike at the 5th fret; and tuning the 5th (guitar) string down to G from A and the 1st string down to d from e, thus creating a 5-string with an extra G an octave below the 3rd. Custom-made necks for this tuning have been experimented with by Sonny Osborne and J.D. Crowe.*

Gold Tone also offer a curly maple armrest in gloss or satin finish, suitable for all 11" or 12" rims with 16, 18, or 24 brackets, at $39.99, a good deal less than other wood armrests on the market. See more on this Gold Tone release.

*Update 12 Oct.: Check out this video, where Jake Blount conducts a guided tour of his custom 6-string banjo, and says he finds the extra string 'incredibly useful' and wishes he had it on all his instruments.

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