15 October 2020

Nefesh Mountain on Deering Live TONIGHT

Nefesh Mountain, the husband-and-wife duo of Eric Lindberg (banjo) and Doni Zasloff (guitar) are appearing on Deering Live tonight (actually live as this post is being written). Deering promise that in this episode, 'we will talk everything from banjo style, songwriting, touring with your spouse, and the unlikely pairing of bluegrass music with their Jewish heritage.' As the BIB mentioned two-and-a-half years ago (16 Apr. 2018), this pairing of genres was anticipated back in the 1960s when Bill Monroe, moved by the sound of Jewish religious music, composed 'Lonesome moonlight waltz'.

You can also see on Deering Live (or on YouTube) a 38-minute video of Ashley Campbell (daughter of Glen), talking about her life with the banjo.

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