20 October 2020

More news from the Mother Country

Ken Perlman, master of 'melodic clawhammer' banjo (not to mention fingerstyle guitar) continues his programme of online live instructional banjo workshops on Zoom this month, with a workshop on pull-offs, alternate-string pull-offs, and hammer-ons on Mon. 9 Nov. at 7.30-9.00 p.m. EDT, and one on playing jigs in 6/8 time on Sat. 21 Nov. at 1.00-2.30 p.m. EDT. Each costs $20.00 per computer.
Chris Thile will present on Sun. 25 Oct. the first in a series of three masterclasses under the collective title 'Music is Life is Music'. A brief teaser for the course can be seen on his website and on YouTube. The three classes, on successive Sundays, will deal with 'Listening', 'Writing', and 'Performing', but Chris stresses that the course is for anyone who loves music. Individual classes are $20, or $50 for all three. More details, and a longer video, are on John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today.
North Carolina's Nu-Blu, who toured Ireland in a trio configuration last autumn, have had a video released by Turnberry Records for their latest single, 'Horse thieves and moonshiners', which (making a success out of a crisis) was filmed while they were marooned in the Mojave Desert by COVID restrictions. The video can be seen on YouTube or on Bluegrass Today.
Elderly Instruments, the Midwest emporium for new, used, and vintage fretted instruments, will feature the Kody Norris Show (below; we ought to have seen them at Westport back in June) in the Elderly Living Room Sessions series tomorrow night (Wed. 21 Oct.) at 7.00 p.m., or midnight in Ireland. You will be able to watch the Show live here.

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