27 October 2020

Gold Tone sponsor first ever World Virtual Bluegrass Banjo Contest (UPDATE)

Earlier this month the winners were announced of the 1st World Virtual Flatpicking Contest. Now the Gold Tone Music Group announce:

Gold Tone is proud to sponsor the first ever World Virtual Bluegrass Banjo Contest! Hosted by Marcy Marxer and Steve Kaufman, this contest is the first ever online search for the world's most talented bluegrass banjo player.

See the Gold Tone e-newsletter, where, for anyone wishing to register, there is a link to the contest web page on the Gold Tone website.

Update 2 Nov.: It is now announced that the World Virtual Bluegrass Banjo Contest will begin a week today, with the first round on 9-15 Nov. and a second round on 19-20 Nov. This is now part of a series entitled World Virtual Acoustic Contests. For more details, see Bluegrass Today.

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