20 October 2020

FOAOTMAD announce a plethora of good things

Old-time enthusiasts who seriously want to devote most of the next six days to the music can now do so, thanks to the news received from FOAOTMAD, the UK's national old-time organisation. Tonight, to get you in the mood before the Augusta programme starts (see our previous post), there's a concert by Evie Ladin and Keith Terry, streamed live from California and starting at 7.00 p.m.; then there's Augusta; then at the weekend you can pick and choose between turns at the Fall into Autumn Virtual Festival, presented by the UK's True North agency, and the Brooklyn Folk Festival. There's simply too much on offer between all of these for the BIB to itemise them, so please read the FOAOTMAD news blog and the event websites.

BIB editor's note: A major interview with Evie Ladin appears in Dave Berry's 'California report' series on Bluegrass Today.

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