22 October 2020

Bluegrass Situation interviews

The BIB editor writes:

You know you're getting old when a news medium with 'Bluegrass' in its title introduces one of its articles with the words: 'You may think you've never heard of Eric Weissberg or his banjo playing'. Yes, this is the Eric Weissberg who died in March this year, as reported by the BIB on 25 March. In addition to the links there, read 'Bluegrass memoirs: thanks to Eric Weissberg' by Neil V. Rosenberg in the online magazine The Bluegrass Situation (BGS). This is part of a series of memoirs on BGS by Rosenberg, the premier bluegrass historian, and well worth reading for that reason; it also includes several recordings from YouTube of Weissberg's early work.
The same issue of the Bluegrass Situation's Weekly Dispatch includes Justin Hiltner's interview with Brennen Leigh, focused on her latest album Prairie love letter (see the BIB for 18 Sept.). In addition, Andy Hall, 'one of the fiercest slide guitarists we have around not just today, but probably ever', is interviewed by Thomas Cassell about his new solo album, 12 bluegrass classics for resophonic guitar.

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