23 October 2020

'Bluegrass Ambassadors Field Trip' from the Henhouse Prowlers (USA)

Chicago's Henhouse Prowlers, bluegrass world-travellers under normal conditions, and previous visitors to Ireland, are fundraising for an ambitious new online educational project, 'Field Trip', as part of their ongoing 'Bluegrass Ambassadors' campaign. John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today describes it as:

a multi-genre virtual music program created for kindergarten through grade 2, including bluegrass of course, with supplemental videos and a passport workbook, highlighting music from around the world. They have also developed a one-hour presentation for middle and high school students, called Bluegrass 45.

The Field Trip is introduced in a concise YouTube video, well presented by Prowlers Ben Wright (banjo) and Jake Howard (mandolin), which can also be seen on Bluegrass Today and on their fundraising web page.

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