09 September 2020

Wookalily sign with MIG music (D)

Belfast's Wookalily ('Morricone meets early B52s') announce with pride on Facebook:

WE JUST SIGNED A RECORD DEAL!!! Yes, all it took was a worldwide pandemic...

We're ecstatic to announce we've just signed a record deal with MIG music and we're now label buddies with Matthews Southern Comfort, Blackbird & Crow, and many more. MIG have also worked with Clannad, Planxty, and Muddy Waters on some great live releases so we're feeling rather privileged to now be part of their prestigious list of artists.

Here's a wee video of us getting together for the first time since lockdown to sign on the dotted line and celebrate with some bubbly (socially distanced of course). Thanks to all our fans who have supported us for the last 10 years. We can't wait for the next 10 still to come.

The band have also been invited by Hot Press magazine to contribute to Van Morrison's 75th birthday celebrations as part of the 'Rave on Van Morrison' series, and will be featured live on the Hot Press YouTube channel tonight at 7.00 p.m. Those also taking part in the series include Hozier, Imelda May, Bob Geldof, Liam Neeson, Sinead O'Connor, and Irish president Michael D. Higgins.

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