29 September 2020

Why is this woman smiling?

Congratulations to Tabitha Agnew Benedict of Co. Armagh's Cup O' Joe and the UK's Midnight Skyracer, who (under her maiden name) has just been judged Instrumentalist of the Year in the IBMA Momentum Awards. She shares the title with mandolinist Thomas Cassell from Virginia. 

More details of the awards are in Dave Morris's post on Bluegrass Today. To the best of our present knowledge, this is the first time that a member of the bluegrass scene in this island has received an IBMA award.

Update 30 Sept.: The official IBMA press release on the awards is here.

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At 12:04 pm, Blogger William D said...

Congrats to Tabitha! I'm proud to say that, almost 20 years ago, I sat beside her Dad in a Joe Newberry Workshop at the Omagh Bluegrass festival. His children sat, quiet as mice, in the corner throughout :) Did it all start there ??!!


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