28 September 2020

We Banjo 3 give reasons to join them on Patreon

Galway's We Banjo 3, originators of 'Celtgrass', report that during the many challenges of the past six months they have not been sitting on their laurels. They also give five reasons for joining them on Patreon, a way for creative artists and their fans to meet with all the drawbacks of regular social media: 
  • Exclusive Patreon-only content, from as little as $5.00 a month, 
  • Irish heritage channel, 
  • Expert music tuition, 
  • Connecting deeply with artists and the art, 
  • Supporting art at its time of need.
 You can join We Banjo 3 in Banjoland, their Patreon site. NB: Enda Scahill recently had Tullamore's JigJam live in his living room for an hour-long concert of high-energy music.

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