17 September 2020

The Bluegrass Situation: New Grass Revival interviews and more

The Bluegrass Situation website announces in its Weekly Dispatch newsletter a two-part interview with members of the epoch-making New Grass Revival band, who are being inducted this year into the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame. In part 1, mandolinist and fiddler Sam Bush and bassist/ lead singer John Cowan talk about the band's first ten years from 1971; in part 2, they're joined by alpha banjo player Béla Fleck and guitarist Pat Flynn for the story from 1981 till NGR ended in 1989. The two parts include many YouTube recordings from their albums or live shows. It's a gripping account of life inside a band that was exploding with energy in all directions.

Both interviews are contributed by Emma John, an English journalist who after training as a classical violinist went to the USA to become a bluegrass fiddler, learned that playing music could be enjoyable, and wrote Wayfaring stranger: a musical journey in the American South, which BIB readers should enjoy.* The NGR interviews form part of the Bluegrass Situation's 'Bluegrass 75' series of features. BIB readers should also see Jon Weisberger's article on the founding fathers of bluegrass, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1991-5, and articles by Neil Rosenberg.

*BIB editor's warning: She didn't take to old-time music at all. I am grateful, nonetheless, to the late Frank Robinson for introducing me to this book.

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