30 September 2020

Music Network launches instrumenthub.ie

Music Network announces the launch of its Instrument Hub project:

a new, national information resource to help support music-making by providing details on where to hire, borrow, purchase or find funding for musical instruments in one easy-to-search location. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned professional, an extensive database on instrumenthub.ie offers information on the many ways to access musical instruments in Ireland currently.

A trailer video, 'Why I play', can be seen on YouTube or via the Music Network press release. Instrumenthub.ie also provides information to help guide parents, music students, music groups, and performers of all styles of music through the process of selecting and investing in musical instruments. More detail and links are in the press release. One obvious role for this new facility in the bluegrass and old-time fields might be in finding upright basses for visiting bands who are unable to bring their own.

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