14 September 2020

Ensemble music continues despite COVID

Thanks to William Duddy in Belfast, who despite COVID restrictions and the uncertain prospects for live music events (see last week's news on the 2021 Gainsborough old-time festival) can report:

Strangely, even as the limitations continue, I'm getting all the music I want - and mostly dulcimer by choice, in addition to the Thursday night Folk Club which is increasingly being populated by the traditional (unaccompanied) singing brigade.

Online, William has taken part in the Quarantune 2 Dulcimer weekend (nine one-hour workshops over a weekend), and he sends a link to the ensemble video (below) produced recently by the UK's Nonsuch Dulcimer Club, featuring sixteen Appalachian dulcimer players, a hammered dulcimer player, and an autoharpist. The last image on the screen is William's just-vacated rocking chair.

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