02 September 2020

A treat (update)

The Wilson Pickins agency (USA) announce in their latest press release that Ronnie Reno's TV show 'Reno's Old Time Music' recently featured an interview with the legendary Bobby Osborne and master fiddler Glen Duncan, leading up to a video - recorded under lockdown conditions - of the Don Gibson song 'I can't stop loving you', with Bobby (of course) singing lead.

Watch the video here. It's a remarkable demonstration of the voice of a supreme bluegrass singer: one notices first the power, precision, and clarity, then the astonishing range and the subtlety of phrasing and timing. Bobby Osborne will be 89 in December. However much you watch, don't miss the last seconds.

Update 4 Sept.: More information is in John Lawless's post on Bluegrass Today.

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