09 September 2020

A message from Greg Blake

The BIB reported earlier that Greg Blake (USA), well known to bluegrass fans in Ireland from successive tours arranged by John Nyhan, had launched a Kickstarter campaign to aid him in developing the songwriting side of his career, and we noted with pleasure on Monday that this had been successful. Greg yesterday sent his own message to everyone who supported the campaign:

On Sunday evening, we crossed the threshold of our goal of $9,500. A little bit more came in on Monday before the deadline, 'just for good measure'. There was even someone today who came on the page, ready to add their support. All I can say is... 'Thank you', from the bottom of my heart. Your enthusiastic generosity has set the tone of my mood as I go into the studio next month... you have given from hearts full of love - I promise I will do the same when I’m laying down those vocal and guitar tracks!

Okay... here we go... LET’S MAKE A RECORD!!!

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