24 August 2020

Tom Mindte to be honoured by DC Bluegrass Union, 26 Aug. 2020

Thanks to Jamie Daly of the Constituents band of Arlington, VA, who were playing over here last year (and see the BIB for 20 Mar. 2019), for the news that the DC Bluegrass Union (the august association for bluegrass in the region of the US capital) will present their annual Washington Monument Award this year to Tom Mindte. The DCBU announcement says (links added by BIB):

Tom Mindte has many bluegrass identities, including performing musician and bandleader, audio engineer, and record label owner. Our bluegrass music community for many years has enjoyed the great benefit of all his work. We see his influence especially through the successful studio operation of his Patuxent Music label, whose catalogue features traditionalists and innovators alike, with important attention to younger artists. Thank you, Tom!

Tom is known in Ireland for several memorable visits, festival performances, and tours with his Patuxent Partners band, who in past years have featured such rising young fiddlers as Patrick McAvinue, Nate Leath, and Daniel Greeson. The presentation will be made live online this coming Wednesday (26 Aug.) on the DCBU Facebook at 8.00-9.00 p.m. EDT. Congratulations to Tom, and a big hand to the DCBU for making the award.

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